The Tropicana Joint Venture partners recognise and respect the connection to country of the Traditional Custodians of this region. In broad terms, the TJV Project area is located within a region traversed by the Wongatha people of the Eastern Goldfields and Spinifex Peoples, of which the remote Tjuntjuntjara community is a member.

The TJV commenced archaeological and ethnographic surveys from the very beginning of exploration in 2002 and continues to maintain an ongoing heritage consultation and management program for all exploration and mining development.

The TJV commissioned an extensive and comprehensive program of archaeological and ethnographic surveys for the Tropicana Gold Mine Project in 2006 and continued through to 2011.

A comprehensive ethnographic review of the Tropicana Gold Mine Project area was carried out by senior Law Men prior to final project approval in 2010.

This early and consistent consultation throughout Tropicana’s development effectively enabled project planners to successfully avoid all areas of cultural importance.

A number of ethnographic sites were identified in the general region and management plans are in place to protect and preserve these.

Similarly, numerous archaeological sites have been identified within and around the Tropicana Gold Mine Project area. All these archaeological site locations have been avoided by the mine design, with management plans in place to protect and preserve these.

The TJV partners continue to provide updates on project developments and seek advice and input from the Traditional Custodians on the project area and the surrounding exploration ground.