Baseline Surveys - Flora

    3D BGPA E articulata Study  
    3C Mattiske Spring 2009 Pinjin Survey & Opportunistic Flora  
    3B MBS Significant Species Supplementary Memorandum  
    F8 Mattiske- Threatened Species Assessment of area adjacent to the TGP report  
    F7 Botanic Gardens & Parks Authority- A Molecular Assessment of Regenerating Mallees on the Tropicana Mine Access Rd, in relation to the DRF Eucalyptus articulata  
    F6 AGAA- Regional Threatened Flora Survey  
    F3 Conservation Significant Species Report  
    E1 360 Environmental - Gas Pipeline Desktop Flora and Fauna Assessment  
    D2 Botanica Consulting- Minigwal Trough Water Supply Area and Pipeline Corridor Flora and Vegetation Survey  
    D1 360 Environmental - Officer Basin Desktop Flora and Fauna Assessment  
    C5 Mattiske Consulting- Flora and Vegetation Survey - Infrastructure Corridor- Pinjin Option  
    C2 ecologia Environment- Infrastructure Corridor- Tropicana Transline- Flora and Vegetation Survey  
    B7 ecologia Environment- TGP Operational Area Threatened Flora Survey  
    B6 ecologia Environment- Assessment of the Flora and Vegetation of the Proposed Tropicana Gold Project Operational Area